Young meditators course

“We modelled this course on the courses that Maharishi conducted in the 1970s, where people would come for one or two weeks and gain profound knowledge of Maharishi’s teachings before taking the TM Teacher Training Course.” – Dr Peter Warburton

Presenting Maharishi’s Knowledge in Parliament

Dr Peter Warburton talks about developments following the special event in the Houses of Parliament on the application of Yoga in the National Health Service.

Dr Tony Nader on social media

Tony Nader PhD, MARR is now sharing an inspiring knowledge series through social media.

Veterans affairs committee receives presentation on TM

Marine veteran Paul Downs testifies before the US House of Representatives Committee on Veterans’ Affairs on his experience of learning Transcendental Meditation.

The Bredesen Protocol and Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation is being integrated into the first effective protocol to prevent and reverse the effects of cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s.

Excellence through mind-brain development

True peak performance has four dimensions: brain integration, psychological development, higher consciousness, and the level of the collective consciousness in which the performer operates and regular experience of transcending is the means to develop all four dimensions simultaneously.

The twenty minutes that helps you create your day

James Jameson, founder  of London-based Rise Today, practises Transcendental Meditation, and has arranged courses for his employees.

When fire turns to air: Autumn tips from Maharishi AyurVeda

Ayurvedic advice on how to handle the transition from warm to cold weather and remain healthy.

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