Worldwide promotion launched following International Ayurveda Congress

Integrating the use of complete Ayurveda, the traditional natural health system of India, into modern medical care can ease the burden on resources by helping to prevent disease. This was the conclusion of 300 Vaidyas (Ayurvedic experts), doctors, scientists and researchers from 55 countries who attended the second International Ayurveda Congress in London on 1-2 April – the largest gathering of Ayurvedic experts ever held outside India.

Maharishi Peace Palace: the first six months

TM News talked to Keith Parker, CEO of the Maharishi Peace Palace at Rendlesham, and the new Marketing Manager, Josie Williams, about the success of the facility’s first six months.

Enthusiastic response to Total Knowledge course at Dutch Sidhaland

We received this report from Marie-Jose van der Sloot about the course in Maharishi’s Total Knowledge, presented by Dr Peter Warburton at Lelystad, The Netherlands, in May.

A golden age of perfect health for the world

The challenge for the world’s greatest experts in Ayurveda to quickly highlight key points of knowledge in their short presentations, was matched by the task of Dr Bevan Morris, International President of Maharishi Universities of Management, to summarise the whole Congress in his concluding remarks.

TM in the media

In the USA, Billboard magazine interviewed David Lynch Foundation CEO Bob Roth for an article about why so many people in the music world are learning Transcendental Meditation: How David Lynch is Teaching Kesha, Katy Perry, Miguel & More to meditate.

Four-year TM study finds reduced drug-related deaths

Large groups practising the advanced Transcendental Meditation programme were associated with significant reductions in rates of drug-related death and infant mortality in the US during the period 2007–2010.

Timeless knowledge for higher states of consciousness

Part 2 of a review of the new edition of Maharishi’s Science of Being and Art of Living, by Rolf Erickson, editor of Enjoy TM News, USA

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