Inauguration of the first Maharishi Peace Palace for the UK

On 11 October, ten years of planning, fundraising and dedicated work culminated in the opening of the first Maharishi Peace Palace for the United Kingdom.

Effortlessness – the defining hallmark of TM validated

study published in October in the journal Brain and Cognition reported subjective experiences and cortical activation patterns that distinguish Transcendental Meditation from other meditation practises.

Super Mind tour of the UK

In October, Dr Norman Rosenthal, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Georgetown University School of Medicine and author of two bestselling books on Transcendental Meditation – Transcendence, in 2012, and now Super Mind – visited the UK to give a series of talks to medical professionals and the public.

New book on Maharishi Vastu

Does real estate evolve and grow with the times? Or does brick-and-mortar, by its nature, hold back progress, trapping us in traffic, low affordability, and endless rebuilding? Enlightened Real Estate will open our eyes to the astonishing potential of the man-made world.

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