SUPER MIND: The new book from Dr Norman Rosenthal

In his new book – Super Mind: How to Boost Performance and live a happier life through Transcendental Meditation – Dr Rosenthal takes the discussion of TM further, to cover the development of more integrated styles of brain functioning: higher states of consciousness.

Total Knowledge and the evolutionary perspective of religious codes

The new course offered by Raja Peter on “Total Knowledge and the Evolutionary Perspective of Religious Codes” has proven to be most popular, with over 60 participants joining recently in the Maharishi Golden Dome in Skelmersdale and 280 participants at Maharishi University of Management in the USA.

Maharishi AyurVeda News

2017 World Ayurveda Conference to be held in London. Maharishi AyurVeda experts tour India and former Soviet republic.

Rejuvenating weekends

revival in the tradition of local residential weekends for those practising Transcendental Meditation is in full swing this year, at venues around the UK.

Doctor, heal thyself

In a groundbreaking move, a leading medical school in the United States – Loyola University’s Strich School of Medicine, in Chicago – is now offering classes in Transcendental Meditation to enable trainee doctors to develop resilience.

TM helps veterans with PTSDNational tour promotes TM-Sidhi programme

A study showing beneficial effects from Transcendental Meditation for active duty military personnel suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) was featured in the US journal Military Medicine in January.

Maharishi describes the TM-Sidhi programme

“We are getting trained, every day, morning and evening through our TM-Sidhi programme. [It] is an opportunity for our simplest form of awareness to transform itself into its own different modes. Every sutra has something to present. Every sutra has some quality, has some forms.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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