Maharishi Vastu Ground Breaking in Edinburgh

Ceremony of ‘ground breaking’ for a substantial Maharishi Vastu building on a peaceful quarter-of-an-acre site close to Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh’s famous rocky peak, adjacent to 500 acres of beautiful parkland.

Peace Palace on target for opening in October

Construction of the Maharishi Peace Palace in Rendlesham, Suffolk, is now 70% complete, and the project is on track for the official opening date of 11th October this year.

International TM Teacher Training Course to be held in Bali

Two peaceful eco-resorts in Bali, Indonesia, will be the delightful locations for a five-month residential Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course (TTC), to begin on 4th September this year; a mountain resort will host the men’s course, while the ladies will enjoy a beach-side location.

New classroom for Maharishi Free School

At the beginning of March a new reception classroom was opened at the Maharishi Free School in Lathom, near Skelmersdale, by the Mayor of West Lancashire, Councillor Nikki Hennessy.

World Peace Assembly in Turkey

The annual winter World Peace Assembly in Antalya, Turkey, attended by 100 Sidhas and Meditators from 16 – 24 January, was extended this year to prolong an influence of coherence in the collective consciousness of the region.

Welcoming the next generation of leaders

Dr Tony Nader, MD, PhD – Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam – to whom Maharishi gave overall responsibility for his knowledge in this generation, gave this talk last year to welcome a young group from Enlightened Leadership International to an international Assembly in Vlodrop, Holland.

New study finds TM reduces stress in family carers

A pilot study recently published in the journal International Archives of Health and Nursing Care  has found improvements in perceived stress, spiritual wellbeing and mood, as assessed by standard measures over two months amongst carers who learned Transcendental Meditation.

Maharishi: Why I came out from the Himalayas to teach Transcendental Meditation

In August 1972, during a large Transcendental Meditation course at Humboldt State College in California, Maharishi was asked about what motivated him to begin teaching, and his opinion about the extraordinary growth of interest in TM around the world.

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